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The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
Diginetonline fully appreciates customer concerns on Project Execution, Project Management, Quality Control and Knowledge Transfer, and therefore has a primary contact at client site. The on-site coordinator is the single window contact for all activities ranging from preliminary study, preparation / generation of proposal, contract using formal techniques for estimation, quality assurance reviews to ensure low risk and clarity of scope, baselines, and responsibilities.
Offshore project planning, project organization, and project control activities are shared with the client in formal review meetings and discussions. Diginetonline's quality control system uses extensive testing of functionality, user interface requirements, and independent verification and validation techniques. Diginetonline's in-house, dedicated communication facilities, which include satellite links, facilitate quick address of issues raised by the client and/or on-site coordinator.
Diginetonline positively addresses client concerns such as risk mitigation strategy and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The management of offshore risk on factors such as Distance, Quality and Work Progress are addressed by our Project Management procedures. Communication links make project location transparent to the client. Quality plans & records, shared with the client, and the detailed project plan specifying progress reports and review points, contribute to the risk management process.
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