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The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
Diginet Online has clients in varied fields namely
Financial Services
Retail and Distribution
These are some of the fields in which we have achieved very high levels of expertise and there are new projects coming our way which will enable us to look to strengthen our profile by addition of a few more industries. The clients which have been with us have seen our  rise in Terms of the Technical know how and world class development practices  for the final product to be in tune with the latest technologies in the IT world.
The Diginet Global Delivery Model allows us to support a single client from one or multiple locations, whether their needs are services onshore, nearshore or offshore. With one approach, we effectively standardize IT and business processes for achieving high performance.
Diginet research shows that industrialization is one of the five key capabilities needed to achieve the mastery of IT and business processes that are essential to high performance. Many leading organizations are using industrialization principles to achieve what seems to be impossible: reducing costs while enhancing business performance.
Manufacturers in the early 20th century pioneered the move from the craft shop to the factory floor to lower costs, standardize quality and increase production. With manufacturing now a global endeavor, each segment of the process can be fulfilled wherever the right skills at the best price can be obtained. Now the same principles of industrialization and globalization are transforming information technology and the business processes that it enables.
However, multi site delivery environments are complex and hard to manage. The Diginet Global Delivery Model makes it simple for clients to use global sourcing and delivery effectively to reduce costs and improve performance.
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