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The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
The foundation of Diginet Online's operations is anchored in its organisational focus on Quality.
Flash believes that e-business must be a business-driven, not an IT-driven, initiative Flash consultants combine both business and IT skills in providing complete solutions. Our view is that the transformational benefits of doing business electronically will attract increasing interest, as companies realise the importance of not merely “doing business better” (e-Commerce), but “doing business differently” (e-Business).

Our approach is to build an end-to-end solution for a business using E-Flash architecture. Our consultants understand the existing business processes and then provide an optimal solution to suit the customer needs using the best practices. Functional experts from different industry support DSQ’s service offering in this domain.

The following diagram illustrates the Enterprise e-business solution layers
E*Bundle offers the following types of e-services for helping its customers to enter the e-business arena:
E* Strategy
Define objectives
Define measurable goals
Define Quality Management Strategy
Roadmap for e-Business evolution and technology framework
Define high level Change Management
Align and define new processes
Align heterogeneous intra/inter application cluster interfaces
Define e-application development strategy
High level cost and implementation plan
Map existing business and IT processes
Review current business and technology infrastructure
Leverage current IT infrastructure
Define e-Functional requirements
Define technology and business architecture
Define e-Transition management
Define IT enhancement and procurement plan
Define Project Management strategy
Define software engineering methodology
Define technical staffing requirements for development
Define solution development environment
Define roll out plan
Define task level project plan with resources mapped
Define Application interface requirements
Define training plans
Define productivity norms
E* Develop
Translate e-Requirements to e-Design
Align Quality Process
Develop e-Prototypes
Rapid Application Development Using E-Glue
Align all Application Frameworks
Complete multi-level e-Testing
Prepare user documentation and training material
Update high level project and roll-out plan
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